“Biopapa’s mission

We created biopapa.lv to offer a wide range of healthy and eco-friendly products for people who care about a healthy diet, a clean environment and nature without unnecessary packaging and waste.
We learn and want to share our knowledge about sustainable living, healthy food and build a like-minded community based on the principles of good cooperation.
Our first project was the Žaliuomenė shop-café in Lithuania. It is the first certified organic café-shop-community in Lithuania, based on the principle of sustainable living. We started our business to promote a cleaner, healthier and more conscious way of living.*
To reduce environmental pollution from non-essential and non-organic packaging, goods bought in shops are packaged in paper bags.
Here you will find a variety of organic and uncooked products without packaging. Raw and vegan cheeses, snacks, drinks and eco-friendly household products.
We have pledged to donate 30% of our profits to the Sengirė Foundation, which works to preserve Lithuania’s forests – www.sengiresfondas.lt – so when you buy our products, you are also contributing to the protection of Lithuania’s forests.
We want to establish friendly business relations with public institutions and business representatives so that we can effectively spread the message of sustainability that we all share.
Green Ecolabel certificates can be found on the Ecoko page.

*We promote cleaner, healthier and more conscious consumption and living. Cleaner – because we try to avoid unnecessary packaging and use eco-friendly packaging where necessary; healthier – because we sell products that are organically grown and produced; more conscious – because we think about the consequences of our actions for the environment and for the future of us all before we act.

“The Biopapa team